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Looking to Reduce the Support Costs of Your Oracle Systems?

Here are a few statistics that might startle you:

  1. The average developer spends 50% of his/her time looking for information (source: IBM) - at an average salary of £30,000 (source: Computer Weekly) per year per developer that equates to £15,000 wasted per year per developer.
  2. Just one minute of system downtime could cost your company anywhere from £1,500 to £6,000 (source: Standish Group 2001).
  3. 40% of I.T. projects are cancelled before completion and 28% are delivered late or over budget - this adds up to £60bn of wasted effort.
  4. 25% of ERP projects are over budget and 20% are cancelled before completion.
  5. 84% of software projects are late and over budget.

Our highly experienced consultants have honed their skills over many years in order to be able to save you time, money and effort and keep your systems up and running all day, every day.

We help you to gain a competitive advantage by maximising the value of your IT systems, thereby improving customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and most importantly, improving the bottom line.

We provide training, coaching/mentoring, consultancy, technical support, and outsourcing and work with you to ensure your systems are tightly integrated, reliable and deliver maximum bang per buck.

We have helped many companies such as AnIX, Lucas, Smiths Industries, Royal & Sun Alliance and Clerical Medical over the past 15 years with a wide variety of systems. But , more importantly, during that time, we have enabled our clients to reduce their costs and improve their performance and we can do the same for you. (Click here to see a few of our case studies.)

Our highly trained and experienced consultants can provide your company with what it needs - fast, flexible, reliable systems - with a minimum of fuss. In short, with our help, your systems will become better, faster and smarter - saving you massive amounts of time, money and effort.

Remember, your results are as important to us as they are to you, so contact us now and take advantage of our skills and experience and bring your costs under control.


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